Second year chemistry students were visited by Dr Peter Hoare from Newcastle University yesterday. Peter ran workshops based on the spectroscopy section of the course and brought in some infra-red and nuclear magnetic resonance machines to use with classes. Spectrometry is the use of complex machines to detect and analyse chemical samples. Peter worked with students to analyse the aspirin samples that they made last term. 

Alan Scaplehorn, Head of Chemistry commented: “It is great that Peter could come and work with the students again this year. We teach the theory behind this topic as part of the course but unfortunately the cost of the actual machines means that we could never afford to have this equipment in college. That is why it is important for Peter and Newcastle University to work with us so that students can actually use the equipment and put some of the theory into practice. I am sure that the invaluable prize awarded to the group who made the purest aspirin sample was hugely appreciated!”