Criminology and Sociology students have developed knowledge of their subjects and gained an insight into what it is like to study Criminology at university by participating in four stimulating sessions at Teesside University.

Their first session was based around personal statement writing, something valuable for the students as they are beginning to construct these as a part of their UCAS applications for university. Students gained very useful advice about applying to study Criminology, alongside general guidance about how to construct their personal statement.

Helen Pepper, a Senior Lecturer in Policing at Teesside University, delivered the second session on Crime Scene Investigation where students explored the different hazards and factors to consider when being the first professional in attendance at the scene of a crime. QE student Suzy Aherghiligita, who studies Criminology, Politics and Spanish, was particularly fascinated by this talk, saying ‘The session on crime scene investigation was very good and I enjoyed hearing about the differences between a real life crime scene examiner to those represented in films and television’.

Craig Ancrum, senior Lecturer in Criminology, discussed Merton’s theory, looking at how social structures may pressure people to commit crimes, and how this was still relevant in today’s society. In the final session, students examined the impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, and how it influenced levels of crime. The session, which was led by Anthony Lloyd, Associate Professor in Criminology and Sociology, looked at why crimes would increase or decrease during the pandemic, and whether the government restrictions at the time had an impact on this. Miya Cook, who studies both Criminology and Sociology alongside Health & Social Care, says ‘I really enjoyed learning about how COVID affected crime. It was an interesting day, and we got to hear a lot of thought-provoking opinions’.

Overall, students enjoyed a very informative day learning about the various topics and discovering how students learn at university. Student Lily Parker, who is studying Criminology, Law and Psychology at QE, states ‘The visit was a really enjoyable experience. It gave me a good insight into studying Criminology, and the speakers were very engaging.’ Criminology course leader Rob O’Connor adds, ‘It was a really insightful day for our students as they were able to experience what life would be like as a Criminology undergraduate. Teesside University offered them an absolutely fascinating series of lectures throughout the day on a range of areas from crime scene investigation to the impact of Covid-19 on levels of crime. It was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish!’