Attorney General, Victoria Prentice and Peter Gibson, MP for Darlington, recently visited the College to talk to students about the role of the Attorney General in advising the Government.  The Attorney General also spoke about a range of topical legal issues, as well as advising on careers in Law.

Peter Gibson is a qualified solicitor and the Attorney General is a qualified Barrister.  The Attorney General is the Chief Legal Advisor to the Government and plays a key role in ensuring Government acts within the law and is advises on the legal implications of its actions and decisions.

Giles Bayliss, Head of Law said ‘a lively discussion took take place and provided an excellent opportunity for Q & A with both Peter Gibson and Victoria Prentice about the vital role played by legal advisers in Government and in everyday life.  This was a valuable experience for students to hear about Law in action and an incredibly useful aid.

For more information about QE’s A Level Law course, please contact Laurence Job, Deputy Principal, at [email protected].