Psychology and Biology students took take part in a half-day workshop entitled “Brain Day” with Dr Guy Sutton, who is the Managing Director of Medical Biology Interactive and works as a lecturer in neuroscience with various universities and organisations. The workshop aimed to take students around and beyond A-level material and into degree-level concepts and research. It was fast-paced and introduced students to the very latest studies, providing an insight into what is current and exciting in brain research. “Brain Day” is intended to be inspirational, exciting and challenging. The session also included the exciting chance for students to witness, and be involved in, the dissection of a sheep brain.

Caroline Cummings, who studies Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, says ‘Dr Sutton’s delivery of his vast knowledge in neuroscience was inspiring and thought-provoking. I am boundlessly grateful for the experience as I learnt so much new information about the brain and human behaviour.’

Evia Tang, who studies Psychology, Sociology and Health & Social Care says about the workshop ‘I learnt about areas in psychology and neuroscience that I never knew about such as the underdevelopment of the brain in conditions such as Anencephaly, and the impact that the increasingly hot temperatures caused by climate change might have on our brains and behaviour. It was really interesting to see the parts of a sheep’s brain, and see it all up close.’