QE student Cameron Coates has been jumping for joy after his apprenticeship place at Darlington’s Economic Campus (DEC) was confirmed when he received his A-Level results.

Cameron has been on top of the world after he has been accepted to study an apprenticeship with the Government Economic Service. After receiving ABB grades in Psychology, P.E. and Economics, Cameron is the first student from QE who will learn at the campus.

He will work with the Department of Education on the job for the next four years from September 4, looking into financing for schools and universities up and down the country. Cameron said: “I chose the path as my economics teacher posted the course on our Google classroom. My dad works in economics and finance so I was keen to go into that anyway, but then when I saw that post I knew that was what I wanted to do.”

Cameron could be based in either Leeds, Newcastle or Darlington for the programme, which could earn him a full-time job in the civil service at the end. During that time, he will work with the treasury department and learn about the economics of the education sector.

He said: “I’ll be looking at how universities and schools are financed and how this can benefit children in the long run with their development. It’s all about finance for those children, and how that finance helps them in their learning whilst at school.”

Higher Education and Careers Adviser, Rachael Duff states ‘Cameron was clearly very determined to find an opportunity that matched his skills and interests. Once he had identified the vacancy he was very proactive in doing his research and writing a strong personal statement. The recruitment process for the apprenticeship was very rigorous and Cameron maintained his focus and determination throughout, he deserved to be successful and I have no doubt he will excel in his new role.’