The Beacon of Light at Sunderland AFC has welcomed a group of Sport and Leisure students from Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College (QE), Darlington, for an action-packed day of knowledge-building activities. Focusing on working with participants with different needs in sport, the interactive sessions saw students engage with Foundation Coaches to learn about adaptive practices and develop their ability to lead and communicate with others effectively. The visit also allowed students to research organisations such as the Foundation of Light, Sunderland AFC’s official charity, to examine how it is funded and the benefits it brings to the local community.

Following the trip, the students will be able to use the experience they have gained to provide practical examples in their coursework, which makes up 66% of QE’s single qualification and 100% of the double award. The newly-acquired knowledge will also prove beneficial for the students as they complete the Sports Leaders UK Level 3 Award in Higher Sports Leadership, a useful addition to both university and job applications which demonstrates their coaching skills.

Alfie Chapman, who studies double Sport and Leisure and Economics at QE, comments: ‘The sessions were very informative and opened our minds as to how we can work with people with different needs in sport. We’ll be able to use these skills in future at both university and in employment’. Paul Carroll, teacher of Sport and Leisure at QE, adds: ‘The students now have the ability to work with people from all kinds of different backgrounds with specific needs. These are crucial skills for coaching, academic success and the world of work. I was really impressed with the work ethic of the students, they performed exceptionally well despite the blustery weather!’

For more information on QE’s Sport and Leisure course, please contact Laurence Job (Deputy Principal).