A group of our A Level Literature students visited the capital for a thrilling jam-packed 3 days, experiencing the lives of some of the country’s most famous writers, as well as taking in some of the city’s most well-known sights.

The study trip began with a guided walking tour based on the poet John Milton, where students visited some of the places most associated with him. Later that day, for an immersive experience, students participated in a Ghost Walk in the fading light, including many references to Charles Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’. Student Emma Ransom, who also studies History and Psychology, comments “I really enjoyed the Ghost walk as our tour guide Richard was very entertaining and charismatic.”

The next day, the group visited The Globe Theatre, home to Shakespeare’s most famous plays. They experienced the history of the theatre as they were taken on a guided tour of both the stage and seating areas where the public still experience Shakespeare’s plays to this day. Elliott Davis who also studies P.E and Biology, says “I loved the experience of exploring the areas of London such as the Globe Theatre linking back to Shakespeare’s time when he wrote the majority of his plays. This helped me understand many of the reasons why he included certain techniques in plays such as Twelfth Night.” Once the tour concluded, students travelled across London to see the comedy ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ at the Duchess Theatre, a treat for many, with student Jacob Farry, who also studies Film Studies and History, saying “Getting to see ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ at the Duchess was a real treat and certainly the highlight of the trip.”

The study tour concluded with a visit to the British Library – an important location for Literature students! QE’s English Literature Course Leader, Julie Ashmore, states “The visit was a huge success and the students all reported that they had found it a fun and educational experience.  I think we all really enjoyed the ghost walk where we learned about the history of London from a very unique perspective.”