Spanish is a major world language and those who have knowledge of this language are in great demand! Learning Spanish can open up a world of exciting travel opportunities. On this course you will develop your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through a series of topics that explore aspects of present-day life, culture, current events and important issues in Spanish speaking countries. You will also study a film in the Spanish language and a short novel. An additional small class with a native speaker ensures you become more fluent and confident in your spoken Spanish. A level Spanish is also available from scratch provided your other GCSEs are suitable.

First Year
Topics include regional Spanish identity, the influence of idols, cyberspace, equal rights, cultural heritage, traditional and family values.

Second Year
Topics include cultural identity and social issues, some modern Hispanic history and politics and a literary text. Students will also research an individual aspect of Hispanic life/culture that interests them.

(Exam board: Eduqas)
(Specification code: A810QS)


The course is delivered in 6 hours a week (5 hours of lessons & 1 hour conversation class with a native speaker). The language is taught through a wide range of interactive activities which include vocabulary building, reading authentic texts, listening to Spanish music and conversations, speaking tasks, studying video clips and independent research.

A Level is a 2 year linear course with all assessment at the end of year 2 – it makes sense to take your exams after as much input as possible! The four skill areas will be tested: listening, speaking, reading, writing. In the second year students will also research an individual aspect of Hispanic life/culture that interests them.

The normal minimum entry requirement is a grade 5 in Spanish at GCSE and an average GCSE score of 5.0. However, a formal entry qualification is not always required:
  • Those who have spent time living in Spain will be considered for direct entry to the course
  • Those who have not had the opportunity to study Spanish at school, but who are good linguists or who have a strong GCSE profile, may be accepted.
In this subject, particular skills and aptitudes will be required, many of which will be demonstrated by students’ GCSE profiles.Students will also need to meet the general College entry requirements. Entry requirements are subjects to change.

Modern Languages graduates have some of the lowest unemployment rates and are highly sought after by large companies. They also earn, on average, 8% more than other graduates! Our students realise this, and many continue studying a language at university – often with subjects like International Business or Law. Our students choose a wide variety of universities, but all comment on how well prepared they feel when they start their languages course. A language is needed to allow students to compete on an equal footing with our mainland European counterparts whose level of English is often as good, if not better, than our own! A number of our students have progressed through our courses, from Beginners’ Level to A Level and beyond. Some have found work in Spain or have participated in voluntary projects in Spanish-speaking countries. Others are putting their Spanish to good use in this country in business or education.