QE’s curriculum is informed by the College’s vision: To provide a transformational learning experience that equips students with the knowledge, confidence and skills to flourish in their lives, careers and communities.

An ambitious curriculum is very effectively planned to enable all students to gain the qualifications, skills, knowledge, behaviours and cultural capital required to progress successfully to appropriate and meaningful sustained destinations, and to succeed in life. As such, the intent, design, coverage and appropriateness of the curriculum are crucial in achieving the College’s Vision.

Study Programmes

The curriculum is a broad mix of all the experiences gained by our students through the College’s planned programme of activities and opportunities.

QE’s comprehensive Study Programmes for students provide a rich and empowering curriculum offer so that individuals leave College as confident and highly skilled students and citizens, ready to contribute fully to the wider community.

Study Programmes for students include:

  • Academic courses
  • Enrichment provision including Supplementary Programme
  • Progress Tutorials
  • Guided Independent Learning
  • Personal Development education and support
  • Health and well-being support
  • Trips and visits
  • Visiting Speakers
  • Employability and work related learning activities
  • Links with employers and apprenticeship providers
  • Work experience
  • Links with Higher Education Institutions

By participating in a programme of employability and work-related learning activities, all students are suitably prepared for their next steps including those who wish to progress to an apprenticeship or employment.

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