Biology students spent the day at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle, exploring the technology, genetics and ethics around fertility, donors and family. This included workshops, a VR tour through the reproductive system and interpreting medical imaging, as well as keynote speeches from NHS partners. The day culminated with a discussion from a panel of experts as to whether our genetic heritage really matters in a modern family.

Yassmina Hudson, QE student commented, “I found it really interesting. As an aspiring doctor, I enjoyed using highly scientific equipment, and listening to professionals explaining how these tools are used day to day in the lab to carry out their work. A particular highlight of the day was the debate, in which I could hear about controversies around current topics in the NHS, and how people of different job roles work collaboratively to provide the best care for their patients.”

Nick Blackwood, Course Leader for Biology, “The opportunity for hands-on experience using state-of-the-art kit, as well as access to experts in the field of fertility and embryology made this an exceptional experience for QE students. It took them well beyond the A Level Biology curriculum, demonstrating the wide range of careers available within this area of healthcare, and exploring the skills and knowledge that the practitioners needed”