Sport and Leisure students from Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College (QE), Darlington, have planned and hosted their very own dodgeball tournament to raise funds for Comic Relief. A second year unit in Sport and Leisure is event planning and students selected a charity competition to put into practice the theory they have been learning about in lessons. They began by looking at health and safety regulations with staff before producing their own promotional materials, completing risk assessments and delivering the event to over 60 students. The tournament took place over a lunchtime and there were enough players to form two mini leagues, culminating in exciting play offs and a thrilling final. Over £50 was raised for Comic Relief through entry fees with students able to make a generous donation to the popular charity.

Looking back on the action-packed competition, student, Oscar comments: ‘We really enjoyed having the freedom to plan our own event and host a successful dodgeball tournament’. Sam adds: ‘I have learnt a lot from organising the contest. To deliver the session to such a large group of students was challenging, but everyone had a great time and we raised money for charity which is fantastic’. Joe Cooke, teacher of Sport and Leisure at QE, concludes: ‘Events like this one are an important part of our College calendar. They allow students to consolidate their knowledge and help them to develop important soft skills, from communication methods and teambuilding, to their confidence. The contest was a huge success and I am very proud of everyone involved’.