Second year Travel and Tourism students from Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College (QE), Darlington, have planned and delivered an Easter themed activity morning for residents of Abbeyfield Darlington. The session began with students and residents getting green fingered and planting bulbs before the group made cards to celebrate Easter. The room was filled with lively chat throughout the visit as residents told stories from when they were young, including their time during the War and happier occasions when they would attend dances.

Student, Abbie Hetherington, comments: ‘It made me very emotional finding out about all of the fun the residents had when they were young and how they miss the fact that they can’t do certain things such as going to dances now. It made me realise that I should make the most of life!’. Julie Vickerman, teacher of Travel and Tourism at QE, adds: ‘Both the students and residents had a lovely morning. It was nice that the two generations were able to meet and spend time together as it is not often that this happens. The morning ended with the residents having some planted bulbs and a homemade Easter card for a friend or relative.